Dolce Amore - Episode 1

Dolce Amore - Episode 1

#DolceAmoreSweetBeginning - Serena and Tenten are about to take the journey to find their destiny.

Oct 31, 2017
About The Show
Serena, a young girl raised in Italy by her adoptive parents, lives a good life yet still feels the longing of her true identity. Bearing the same struggles is Tenten who grew up in an orphanage until adopted by Dodoy and Taps. What happens when their worlds collide as Serena, in search of herself, travels to the Philippines?
Drama, Teleserye, Romance
Cherie Gil, Edgar "Bobot" Mortiz, Enrique Gil, Kean Cipriano, Liza Soberano, Matteo Guidicelli, Rio Locsin, Ruben Maria Soriquez

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Dolce Amore - Episode 1

#DolceAmoreSweetBeginning - Serena and Tenten are about to take the journey to find their destiny.

Dolce Amore - Episode 2

#DolceAmorePenpal - Now that Serena has found out that she is adopted, she is drawn to helping orphaned kids and decides to donate to an orphanage in Manila where Simon lives.

Dolce Amore - Episode 3

#DolceAmoreWishes - Luciana teaches Serena how to be a princess.

Dolce Amore - Episode 4

#DolceAmoreHope - Serena starts to look for answers while Tenten continues to work hard for his family.

Dolce Amore - Episode 5

#DolceAmoreEngagement - An announcement from Giancarlo's father will upset Serena, driving her to leave Italy to find another way to save her family.

Dolce Amore - Episode 6

#DolceAmoreAllTheWay - Tenten is forced to take on a job as a callboy after Binggoy lost their money to gambling, unaware that it will lead him to Serena.

Dolce Amore - Episode 7

#DolceAmoreForgive - Tenten's mother Taps begs for Serena's mercy. Because of her, Sese has a change of heart and lets Tenten go free.

Dolce Amore - Episode 8

#DolceAmoreChase - Tenten meets Serena again, not as a callboy, but as her driver. He drives Sese to see her family's only hope in saving their business.

Dolce Amore - Episode 9

#DolceAmoreMemory - Fireflies bring comfort to Serena's aching heart, reminding Tenten of his childhood penpal. In Italy, Marchesa Telecom gets into deeper trouble.

Dolce Amore - Episode 10

#DolceAmoreBonding - Serena learns more about the Philippines as Tenten takes her to Divisoria in preparation for her party with Mr. Mosman.