The Debutantes
Mar 9, 2018
About The Show
High schooler Kate (Sue Ramirez) is the school's resident outcast who secretly admires the popular girls - Jenny (Jane De Leon), Candice (Michelle Vito), Shayne (Chanel Morales), and Lara (Miles Ocampo). Kate's desire to be noticed by the girls gets granted when Lara sought for her help on their Math lessons. Kate immediately grabs the opportunity which eventually leads to a surprise invite to Jenny's debut party. Little did she know that the party is just a set up for Jenny, Candice, and Shayne's nasty prank towards Kate. After the humiliating incident, Kate starts to have nightmares about the girls getting killed one by one. Kate tries to warn the girls but no one, except for Lara, believed her. Will Kate be able to put an end to the deadly curse? Or, are the rumors about her being crazy true?
Sue Anna Ramirez

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